Premium Chia seeds

We can provide Full Container and Truck load bulk shipments of cleaned and certified Chia Seeds. Each individual shipment is tested by an accredited US laboratory before it is released from our facility. We will provide the certificate of analysis for each purchased lot.


Further Information About Our Processing Capabilities Our Chia Seeds are shipped in 50 LB food grade, multi-wall, white paper bags. The bags are stacked on pallets that are certified for export, strapped with plastic bands, and unitized with plastic wrap. Bulk shipping containers are available at customer request. Trailers and containers for export are all food grade and subject to rigid inspection standards prior to loading. Each bag of Chia Seeds from the farm is inspected three times for quality prior to processing. Our proprietary processing system guarantees the highest purity available anywhere and can achieve purity greater that 99.99%. Our entire operation is BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certified. The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is the most rigorous food certification program in the world. The system which applies to every aspect of the procurement, processing and transportation cycle.