Premium Chia seeds

 The highest quality, most authentic and a 100% natural original ancient superfood.

Our seeds are naturally farmed in the mountainous region of Jalisco, Mexico. The high altitude,
climate and red soil are different from any other place in the world. We use a proprietary cleaning
process that guarantees a superior product. Aztec Gold premium Chia seeds
are rich in nutrients, complete proteins and B-Complex vitamins.
A perfect dietary supplement. Add chia to your favorite food or drink.
Mix with water for a fast, healthy and energizing drink on the go.

A perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle:
• Great, mild and nutty taste • 100% vegan
• Naturally high in fiber • High in protein
• Omega 3 & 6 vitamins • A non-GMO food
• No preservatives or additives • Antioxidants
• A cholesterol-free food • Gluten-free
• Certified Kosher
• 99.99 % Certified Pure